Tattoo Ideas


Selecting from the best possible tattoo ideas is an important part of your decision to get a tattoo. This may seem insignificant but it is a big decision for a young person. Finding tattoo design ideas and deciding on which tattoo design is harder than the initial decision to get a tattoo. After all, this is a decision about something that will be with you for the rest of your life. For that reason, a significant amount of thought needs to go into making the decision in the first place and selecting a tattoo design.

Tattoo Ideas

If you have done any research to decide on tattoo ideas you can live with forever, you probably realize how difficult locating decent designs can be. There are too many sites. This is not something you want to learn from experience. This article will give some advice about reputable tattoo design ideas websites, which you can use to get tattoo ideas and pick your design.

Finding the Right Tattoo Ideas for You

Doing the research to find the right tattoo design, selecting a design that fits you and making the decision to proceed is something you should take your time on. Never rush into this process because there is no turning back.

Google Large Images Search for Tattoo Ideas

The best advice on how to choose a tattoo design is to start by looking at designs to get tattoo ideas that interest you. If you already have some tattoo ideas for the type of design you are interested in, you can use search terms for Google Images search to look at designs matching your inspiration for a tattoo. When you do your Google Images search, list the basic design theme idea and the part of the body you where you want the tattoo placed. For example, Butterfly Tattoo – Back Upper Shoulder.

You can also search larger size images. They have better detail and are usually a higher resolution and therefore quality. Print out several full size designs on light onionskin paper if possible. Lay the printed tattoo design on the part of the body you want to use for the tattoo. This will give you a quick look of how the tattoo may look.

Free Tattoo Ideas Galleries Online

If using Google images search for large images did not get you tattoo ideas that you want, your next step will be looking through a few of the many free tattoo design galleries that are online. At the end of this article are some recommendations on reputable tattoo design galleries.
In some ways, this may seem like a waste of time, but looking through several galleries will give you tattoo ideas for different levels of tattoo quality. That makes every bit of time that you spend very valuable and helps develop your knowledge of tattoo ideas. This will lead to a better decision on your part for your choice of tattoo design.

Paid Tattoo Design Galleries

Some of the best tattoo ideas are only found on websites that charge a basic fee for access to thousands of categorized tattoo design ideas. This is an excellent way to save time and possibly money by getting the correct tattoo design idea promptly.

Tattoo Designs Ideas from Tattoo Artists

You can also visit tattoo studios and look through their portfolio to get an idea of how various tattoo ideas cost. You may find just the design you have been looking for and gain more information on why some tattoo designs are more costly than others are.

Some tattoo artists will take your initial tattoo ideas and turn them in to a special design that is there interpretation of what you want in your tattoo. This can also be a useful exercise on the path to choosing the tattoo design for you. This is obviously not something that is free, and in some cases can be very expensive, depending on the notoriety of the tattoo artist. You should be very sure of the design idea you want before paying a tattoo artist to make a tattoo sketch and proposal based on your idea.
Here are some of the most popular online tattoo design ideas galleries that you should consider visiting to help choose your tattoo.

Chopper Tattoo

This site is listed first because they have thousands of very high quality designs of tattoo from which to choose. This site is constantly updating and adding new designs, which is one reason they have so many top quality designs. This website also has one of the best internal search functions that really help you narrow down to the type and size of tattoo design ideas you are interested to use for your tattoo.